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  • Unrestricted access to the collection of MBT Sports trading and betting systems, strategies and techniques
  • Many popular sports are covered; such as football (soccer), tennis, greyhound racing, horse racing, golf
  • More popular sports are added all the time, including those in North America; NFL, NBA, Baseball
  • Request a sport option; if you have a sport you want us to cover – just tell us and we’ll go to work for you to compile a collection of strategies and systems
  • Global coverage of popular sports systems and techniques
  • New betting system, strategy or technique is added each and every month
  • We deliver these systems/techniques in both written format and as over the shoulder step-by-step video training
  • Access to previous betting systems, strategies and techniques to help you grow your betting portfolio
  • Links to free external resources and tools that will save you time and money, along with easy to follow video tutorials on how these resources can be used
  • In development; learn from our ever growing community of sports fans and smart investors through the forum inside our members area
  • Full access to MBT Sports Trading calculator; our very own proprietary calculator to help with your betting and trading activities
  • Access to the Research Done For You recommended traps and tracks for the Two Trap Greyhound System ebook
  • Access to earlier versions of Two Trap Greyhound System ebook*

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What’s NOT inside MBT Sports Membership

We do not participate in any affiliate programs with bookmakers or betting exchanges. If we offer any sports picks or tips we do not ask you to sign-up or bet through any links from our site that would take you to a specific bookie or exchange.

Therefore we do not recommend any bookmakers or exchanges and receive no revenue from external links or affiliate programs through content we produce or share.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and independence so that our members are free to choose wherever they wish to trade or bet.

Furthermore, we have no incentive to offer tips or picks which if you were to lose, would result in a kick-back to us from your loss! Unfortunately many so-called member sites and vip services work in partnership with bookmakers and exchanges in return for commissions on both sign-up and on lost wagers. We will NEVER do this!

What’s in it for You?

  • Become an expert in any sport of your choice
  • Or discover new strategies and techniques to grow your sports trading armory
  • Create your own systems from your newly acquired knowledge and the community
  • A chance to participate in a private forum of other sports fans, investors and professional gamblers
  • The resources you need to stop making amatuer bets and become a professional sports trader
  • Discover new side markets you may never have realised existed and where profitability is more likely

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“Hard to believe but a 3/1 winner in trap6 first race at Hove..Perhaps I did get it right or beginners luck..Your doing a great job, keep it up..You must have a crystal ball or a very lucky pin..”

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Roger Gibbard
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“thanks for ALL of your help and great customer service. the results from TTGS continue to be excellent,
James Blackley
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“Thanks Peter, just won 4 dog races on the trot… Never done that. Take care.”
Christopher Banks
Two Trap Greyhound System Member
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